The Kaaba and Verse #2:125 of the Holy Quran



The Holy Quran  verse #2:125

And when We made the Kaaba a meeting place for mankind and a place of security.

And this house of Abrahams’ is a place of Prayer

for We commissioned Abraham and Ishmael saying: 

Purify this house

for those traveling

for those local

for those who bow down

yea all the submitters.


That verse #2:125 (++++=10) is the first mention of Gods’ First Temple on Earth in the holy city. It’s called the “mother of the cities” [see verse numbers 6:92 and 42:7] as it was the first city of humans on Earth. According to Google Earth and other mapping programs, Mecca is at 21 degrees, 25 minutes longitude! That is not a coincidence! Also, of even more amazingness is once again we find one of the most important numbers in Creation, “the golden ratio” of 1.618 or roughly .61 is deeply encoded herein but in another manner; The Kabahs’ coordinates are east +39.82 and north +21.42 which is indeed at the Earth’s golden ratio point! We can easily see this by calculating the distance of the Kaaba to the poles AND to the equinox line in BOTH WAYS. And Mecca’s distance to the North Pole is 763,168 km and to the South pole is 1,234,832 km. 1234832/763168 = 1.618 or in simpler, ancient terms 61 Phi! 90° + 21.42 = 111.42. And 111,42 divided by 180° = 61! And 180° + 39.82 = 219.82. Divide 219.82 by 360° = 61.! And Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line divided by Earth’s perimeter = 61. Mecca’s distance (west) to the equinox line divided by Mecca’s distance (east) to the equinox line = 61. The inner ratios of the lines that pass through Mecca and combining the poles and the equinoxes = 61. In another verse about Mecca and Kaaba [3:96] the number of Arabic letters until the word Mecca is 29. If we divide 29 with the number of the verses’ total of 47 letters = 61. Note; Those numeric values derived from the longitudes and latitudes above can only be performed in one single point in the world and Great God Chose this as Mecca! Then He Designed this Holy Quran to be deeply encoded with the Golden Ratio which He Used throughout His Creation!  All glory to YHWH!!!