So, ya think you’re a who and a what?

CONGRATULATIONS, THIS IS IT, YOU’VE FOUND THE END OF THE RABBIT HOLE!  (And only one individual on earth could show it to you.  That individual is the Messiah and no one will be able to refute it after reading this!)

Firstly, let it be known this short but ever so encompassing bit is absolutely fundamental for everyone.  Knowing who’s who is “Life 101” and as we will see, there’s only 2 camps so, it couldn’t get any simpler

Hence, it is this authors’ opinion that reading and comprehending this should be a requirement for one to continue as an active member of any society.  We must know our own identity and once that’s known, how we differ from the other.

There are only two root ways to classify oneself; ether by blood (race) or by beliefs (religion).  There is no other.  And as we will see, in one of the two cases the former (blood/race) is highly, if not totally indicative of the latter (beliefs/religion).  Indeed, some of us are born with freedom of choice about our beliefs/religion while the others are not and this is the secret of secrets held by those who have no choice.  They are like zebras who cannot remove their stripes or ducks that can’t stop quacking.

They are born into their beliefs like instincts are born into every different species on earth.  They, us and animals of all kinds have instincts which are both suitable and necessary for members of their specific kind.  This is the basic idea behind what are often referred to as “mysteries of life”.  It is why ants instinctively know how to build colonies, birds know how and where to fly, fish know how to swim in schools and the list goes on and on and on.  All these instincts are built in, no training required.  All forms of life are hardwired by God to do what they do, even plants are pre-programmed to do what they do and now we know the same is true with people.  There are certain traits which we’re inescapably assigned by God.  Hence the reason some of us are inclined to seek Him and His word, the truth, while others aren’t.  In fact the opposite is true for them, they instinctively