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THE “Course In Truths”!

There isn’t a shortcut to the learning and we recommend reading EVERY page on EACH of our sites focusing mainly on, and to fully appreciate how completely we have been deceived, who is responsible and what we can do about it.

However, if you are short on time, we have put together the following lists to help you get up to speed as quickly as possible.  In our opinion, reading these are an absolute minimum.

6 Part “Course In Truths”

  1.;  The Jawdropping Homepage Here at – Home – God is-real.

  2.; Proof – His Holy Name is “YHWH”.
  3.; Home – Some hate Him and His creations (i.e. You).
  4.; The Big Issue – The earth, heaven and hell are quite different than we’ve been taught.
  5.; Issue #119 – 1,ooos of prophecies and miracles prove this is end times and Gods’ last messenger is here now.
  6.; Issue #120 – Multiple races of higher intelligence, some good some evil, some seen some unseen, accompany us during this life while exerting control by way of suggestion telepathically or by highly advanced mental conditioning (i.e. brainwashing via educational systems, religion and media).


5 Part “Course Of Action

  1.; 1st Newsletter & Ballot – The return to Our “Constitutional, Democratic Republic” by way of democratic voting!
  2. – A new digital currency system to be owned and regulated solely “We The People”.
  3. –  Changing the world and creating millions of jobs.
  4. – Detailed information about a simple and secure “One Number Identification System”. 
  5. –  A  new kind of internet grid to be owned, operated and regulated solely by WTP.  Signup and contribute!  


We’ve Came A Long Way Friend! 


You can’t see YHWH and his ranks of angels behind us but you can see we’ve got each others backs, and YOURS!